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Keeping in mind the important thought of Shashi Tharoor which states that – Education in India has made monumental progress since Independence but continues to face daunting challenges at multiple levels, particularly in terms of quality, infrastructure and dropout rates. We have islands of excellence floating in a sea of mediocrity. – we at Nalanda International School, apart from offering a brilliant age appropriate infrastructure in terms of buildings, spacious and airy classrooms, large open spaces, laboratories, audio visual rooms and many other areas, also offer free bus service, fortnightly and monthly workshops for parents, theatre for making presentations and viewing educational videos and films, and also invite guest speakers with varied competence to share their knowledge and skills with our children to enhance their learning and knowledge in different fields.

Schooling is the most important part of an individual’s life. Thinking is one thing that can make and destroy at the same time. Therefore it is important to teach children how to think good and do good. Their way of thinking will decide on what kind of a person he or she will be in future.