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Virtual Classroom

Nalanda International School offers the best curriculum in the in-person as well as the virtual set up. Systematic blended learning with an approach to education encompassing online learning material with opportunities of live interaction along with the conventional classroom methods is what we practise. With the Enterprise Resource Planning in place, we give parents and students all requisite information with regard to attendance and examination details along with cloud facilitation and means of communication. The excellent internet infrastructure at school, designed to connect users and enable them to connect to various users is another highlight of the school. Also, the audio-visual rooms with Smart Boards supplement and enhance the classroom learning. At Nalanda, we retain almost all the activities that are conducted in the in-person set up, even in the virtual school. Along with academics, we conduct activities like Dance, Art and Craft, Music, Physical Education, Circle Time, Story Telling and many others. The size of the class is maintained as in the in-person set up. The school is fully digitally operational to ensure the smooth teaching-learning process.