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Middle School

(Classes 5, 6, 7 And 8)

At Nalanda, we believe in…

With a view to facilitate thinking and enhance a variety of skills, at Middle School, we provide developmentally appropriate strategies that are open minded to change, accept diverse ideas, flexible, knowledgeable, committed to life long learning.

1. Enabling students to recognize differences, celebrate diversity and use it to expand their learning.

2. Creating conducive learning environments.

3. Offering diverse opportunities to exploratory learning.

4. Continuous and structured evaluation.

5. Emphasis on Oral and Practical Skills.

6. Structured Library Activities.

7. Informal Counselling Sessions.

8. Field Trips and Nature Camps.

9. Projects in all subjects.

10. Encouragement for participation in co-curricular activities like Debates, Elocution, Poetry Recitation, Story Storytelling, News Reading and other activities.

11. Extensive Sports facilities - Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis and Badminton.

12. Co-curricular Activities - Learning different Musical Instruments, Singing, Dancing, Clay Work, Painting, Art, Craft, Wood Work, Dramatics, Vocals and Needle Work.