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Junior School

(Classes 1, 2, 3 And 4)

At Nalanda, we believe in…

With a student-centric curriculum, at Junior School, we emphasise on providing experiences to nurture literacy, numeracy, and language, while at the same time responding to changing needs in science and technology, social and personal skills, health education, life skills and citizenship.

1. Enabling children to find security through rhythm, ritual and repetition

2. Stress-free learning.

3. Value based learning reinforced through the curriculum and festival celebrations.

4. Enhancement of personality by developing Linguistic Skills.

5. Focus and concentration developed through traditional games and other activities.

6. Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation Pattern.

7. Sports - Skating, Physical Education, Mallakhamb.

8. Educational Field Trips and Project based learning.

9. Arts Education (Art, Craft, Dance and Music).

10. Enabling children to construct their identities and respecting cultural differences.